Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Style a Low Braided Updo

A current hair fad that we are seeing more and more of, is a braided updo. Both updos and braided hairstyles are very versatile, and by combining the two hairstyle creates something completely irresistable! This hairstyle can appear very sophisticated and innocent, and is a hairstyle that never goes unnoticed. So if you want a stylish boost, and want to flaunt your feminity and romantic side, a low braided updo is just the thing for you.

At first sight, a low braided updo seems like a very complicated, sophisticated mess. Suprisingly it doesn't require professional styling skills of techniques to achieve this look. I know, shocking right! All you need to do is spend a little time practicing your braiding skills, after that you will be able to create this chic look in no time! So if you're loving this look, and are ready to try it out for yourself grab some bobby pins and elastic hair bands and go crazy!

The great thing about the low braided updo hairstyle is that it can be created on all hair types,
though it looks best on sleek soft straight hair. Even if you don’t have long locks, you can use temporary hair extensions!

First Step To start styling a low braided updo, part your hair on the side. If you already have bangs, keep your hair parted as usual and start right from there. Start braiding your hair from one side of the head. Take parts of your hair and incorporate them into the braid, as you go towards the back part of your head in a descending pattern. This technique is known as French braiding, and it requires a little bit of practice before you’ll be able to get a flawless braid without getting frustrated.

Second Step Once you reach the other side of the head, keep braiding your hair to create a braided side swept ponytail. At the end, secure your pony with a hair elastic and pull the braids apart gently to get that romantic loose effect.

Third Step The last step is to hide the loose part under the hair by tucking it in and securing with bobby pins. Finish with a spritz of your favorite hairspray, and you are ready to venture out into the world with your chic new hair!

Gold Glimmer Shine Spray by Moroccan Oil provides an invisible veil of pure luminous shine. This spray is infused with Argan oil and UV filters to provide instant shine and protection against the elements.

Luminous Hair Spray by Moroccan Oil is soft to the touch, reflective to the eye, and controlling to the hair. Formulated with a combination of highly sophisticated ingredients infused with argan oil, this humidity resistant hairspray offers a long lasting natural hold without stickiness or buildup.

Shimmer Pearlescent Spray by Brocato is a subtle, sparkling spray of pearlescent flecks.  Apply to hair after styling to add a sexy glow to your hair, skin or clothes, Shimmer Pearlescent Spray adds subtle glamour to any look.

Maximum Hold Hair Spray by Brocato The finishing spray provides maximum hold and shine to any hairstyle. An exceptional holding aerosol hair spray that delivers a resistant and brilliant finish. After styling as a finishing spray for maximum hold. Provides maximum hold and shine to any hairstyle. Hair has tremendous shine, manageable control and enhanced volume.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer 2012 Makeup Trends

I don't know how it is in the other parts of the USA, but Redding Ca is getting Hotter this May, as day by day we are getting closer to Summer! I know most of you out there are working up on that summer tan whenever weather is good enough, and breaking in those new Summer Clothes! But, saying goodbye to a season, is more than just exchanging your wardrobe. It's also about your makeup!

Let's face it, what's in one month, is completely out the next. It's very Frustrating I know, Guys have it so easy! all they do is switch from pants to shorts and call it a mission accomplished. Girls, are slightly more complicated. when a new trend, and new weather comes into play we change everything from our clothes, to hair, our nail polish and even our makeup. Cuz, let's be honest here, every girl wants to look good, and even if you aren't a die hard fashion addict that switches from trend to trend, change happens, and every girl wants to look cute no matter the change!

So, this summer the current makeup trends are Bright Lips with Dramatic Eyes.

Lips to create the perfect Bright Lip, you need the perfect pout, and there is nothing attractive about an undefined lip line. the best way to create the perfect outliner for your lip colour is a lip pencil, but it's not easy to find a lip colour that matches your lip colour exactly. so to shortcut to the perfect pout, invest in a small lip brush to make application easier!

gloMinerals Lip Definer Brush is the perfect tool for amazing kissable looking lips!
A natural lip brush for velvety-soft lip color application. This unique brush actually collapses on command for clean and easy travel use.

Next, you need the perfect bright shade to give you that Pop of eye catching color! Luckily for us, gloMinerals offers a wide variety of lip makeup!

gloLiquid Lips A high-shine, luxurious formulation for an ultra-moist look that lasts while rich nutrients condition and protect. gloLiquid lips is a true mineral makeup innovation proving high fashion can also be good for your lips.

gloLip Stick Moisturizing lip stick with remarkable wearability and a color palette as rich as the nature-inspired colors they are modeled after.

gloRoyal Lip Crayon A crayon-inspired, chunky pencil that shades the lips with a moisture rich, long-lasting sheer gloss, and has the precision of a pencil. These sharpen-able crayons are available in five gorgeous shades.

Eyes most people assume when they say dramatic eyes, that they are talking about a classic smokey eye! now, while the smokey is an amazing classic smoldering look, its more of a winter look than summer. so don't be afriad to go for the dramatic look, with a snap of color that positively sizzles! Just like with your lips for dramtic eyes, the brush you use can make all the difference!

gloMinerals Angled Eye Brush is Angled for precision contour with just one stoke. The angled eye brush is a thick, flat headed brush blended to deposit optimal pigment on the eye lid. Also recommended for finishing and eye shadow blending.

Then, all you need for those Dramatic Eyes, is a swipe of your favorite mascara, outline your eyes in some black liner, and blend some eye popping color!

gloLash Lengthening Mascara is formulated to deliver nutrients and help the lashes to grow to their potential. Use alone or apply gloLash lenghtening mascara after gloLash thickener and conditioner for optimal results.

 gloLiquid Eyeliner Define your eyes with gloLiquid Eyeliner and watch the heads turn. Long-lasting and easy to apply, gloLiquid Eyeliner glides along the lash line to create a look that's uniquely you. Apply a thick, dark line for a bold, evening look, or a thin, fine line for a softer, daytime appearance.

Precise Micro Liner This creamy eyeliner glides across the lash line with ease and precision. Use the ultra fine point tip to create a beautiful fine line along the lashes for a daytime look or easily smoke out the eyes with the Smudge Brush for a more dramatic nighttime look. Perfect for creating the on-trend cat eye look.
gloEye Shadow These rich glominerals hues and timeless color favorites deliver crease-free coverage in a base loaded with antioxidants, perfect to highlight and contour any eye shape.

More products from gloMinerals, and other great brands can be found at Mission Beauty Salon & Days Spa in Northern, CA. Take advantage of their Free Shipping & Gift Wrap!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to use Eminence

Daily and Weekly Skin Care Regimes
How to use Eminence

Your skin needs proper care to look its best. Using Eminence in your daily or weekly skin care routine will make your skin glow with a renewed freshness and vitality. Below are simple instructions on how to use eminence to achieve beautiful skin:

Cleanse with Lemon Grass Cleanser followed by Hawthorn Tonique | twice per daily in the morning and evening | all skin types

Place a small amount of cleanser into your hands and emulsify with lukewarm water. Apply in a circular motion covering the entire face for 30 seconds. Gently remove with a damp facecloth or sponge and rinse thoroughly, alternating with warm and cold water. This action removed dirt, pollution and impurities from skin’s surface and prepare it for the Tonique which should be sprayed directly onto the face and neck, avoiding the eye areas.

Exfoliate with Radish Seed Refining Peel | once per week | all skin types, except active acne or hypersensitive skins

It is important to exfoliate your skin once a week to help remove dead skin cells and dirt that can dull your complexion. To exfoliate, first cleanse the skin as in step 1. For sensitive skins, dilute with water and leave on for 3-5 minutes. For normal skins, the peel can be left on for 3-5 minutes with no dilution required. For extra exfoliation and non-sensitive skins, the peel can be left on for 5-10 minutes with no dilution required. Use a lukewarm facecloth to gently remove the dried peel using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and follow with a masque or moisturizer.

Treat with Primrose and Melon Balancing Masque or Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness Masque | once or twice a week | all skin types

Emulsify a small amount of masque in your hand with a few drops of water. Apply evenly over the entire face, including the neck and décolleté if desired. Allow the masque to dry for 5-10 minutes. Use a lukewarm face cloth to gently remove the masque using a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with clear water and finish with moisturizer, Alternate between the two masques as needed. Note that the Yellow Sweet Clover Anti-Redness Masque is also effective on rosacea skins.

Moisturize with Echinacea Recovery cream, Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream and Bearberry Eye Repair Cream | twice per day in the morning and evening | all skin types

For oily to normal skins, apply a layer of the Recovery Cream over the entire face and neck area and leave on during the day and for normal skins, follow with the Nourishing Cream in the evenings. For dry skins, apply a layer of the Nourishing Cream over the entire face and neck area in the mornings as well as the evenings and leave on. If a lighter application is desired, emulsify a small amount of moisturizer in your hands with a few drops of water. For extra hydration, apply a thick layer in dry areas. Follow by applying a then layer of the Bearberry Eye Repair Cream to cleansed area with light blending movements until absorbed and leave on.

Moisturize body with Quince Nourishing Body Lotion | twice per day in the morning and evening | all skin types

Apply a small amount to cleansed skin. Massage into skin and leave on. Recommended after exfoliations, shower or body scrub.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

4 Tips to Eyeshadow Application

Have you ever walked passed another girl and thought, "How did they make their eyeshadow look like that?" Well I have, many many times. It takes a girl years to master the art of makeup application, including blending eyeshadows. I'm a creature of habit, and I avoid using more than one eye shadow colour, because I can't blend...It's a harsh truth in the beauty world, but I admit it.

But, I have decided to learn how, I mean what kind of Beauty Guru can I be if I don't know the do's and don'ts or the whys or how to's of makeup application. So, today's blog covers Eyeshadow Tips that will help you with the basics to Eyeshadow Application.

Tip #1 This is most important, it really helps you know what to do to make your colours blend perfectly. First, you need to apply a light colored eyeshadow as your base over the entire lid, even all the way up to your brow bone. Next, you apply the main color shadow on your eyelid. Finally you can add the darkest colour in the crease of your eye, Always make sure your work from light to dark. Be sure to add sparingly to make it easier to blend. Make sure that your dakr colour only stays in the crease and not along the brow bone, then using a brush blend only on the outside edge. And if you have difficulties picking color coombinations, make it easy with:

gloEye Shadow Trio by gloMinerals: A complete shadow application trio, complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades. Looking to make color combination selections in a hurry? gloEye Shadow Trio is all you need. Complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades, this all-in-one eye shadow compact supplies you with a color coordinated palette for any occasion. Each color-rich trio is precisely matched to achieve timeless beauty with crease-free coverage and beautiful hues.

Tip #2 Shimmering eyeshadows can really make your eyes glimmer and sparkle, but they can also highlight fine lines and wrinkles. So if your objective is to appear younger, apply carefully.

gloDust 24K by gloMinerals: This clever color and shine enhancer delivers a range of effects from a subtle sparkle to a gilded skin tone. We recommend using gloDust on the face, body, in the hair, or wherever you want to shimmer.

Tip #3 Smoky Eyes are a classic, O-so-Popular look, that will probably never go out of fashion. But, when applying your shadow a good tip for a beautiful Smoky Eye is to keep the color on your lid and lower lash line. Do not extend the color to your crease of brow bone.

gloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit by gloMinerals:Smoky eyes are always on trend and now a simple look to create. The gloMetallic smoky eye kit includes four essential colors for creating a sultry, metallic smoky eye in a sleek, mirrored compact and an easy five step application guide. Can be applied dry or wet to increase pigment; great if using as an eye liner.

Tip #4 To make eyes appear brighter a great tip is to apply white eyeshadow, or using a white eyeliner pencil on the inner corner of your eyelid, close to your tear duct.

gloPrecision Eye Pencil by gloMinerals: An advanced mineral liner formulation that glides on like silk and never runs. Plus, this formulation is infused with antioxidants and is formulated for even the most sensitive eyes. gloMinerals gloPrecision eye pencils are available in ten velvety, water-resistant shades with an artist's blending point on the tip of each pencil.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Perfect Updo when you say I Do

Now that it is May, it is officially wedding season! Whether you are the Bride, the Bridesmaid, or just a Guest it is still important to look your best. one sure thing about weddings, there will be a camera man lurking in a corner somewhere, and when he points that lense on you, you want to look your best. But, looking your best is not always cheap, and with all the hustle and bustle a wedding brings you might not have time to go to a salon to get that perfect updo.

Today, I will show you how you can recreate a classic pin-up hairstyle. Not only is it simple, but it looks amazing! and you only need three products!

Step One First thing you need to do is wash your hair! then while hair is still damp use the Curls Shape Activator by Alterna. A curl enhancing serum that delivers definition, shape and control while adding spring and bounce to curls. Using your hands crimp your hair, so that when it drys your hair is softly waved. If your hair is already naturally curl, this Activator will just help tame those curls, and prevent frizz. Once your hair is dry, move to the next step.

Step Two Divide the hair into three sections and messily braid each section. Secure the braids with a ponytail holder. The, spray each braid with the Gold Glimmer Shine Spray by Moroccan Oil. The Moroccan Oil Gold Shimmer Shine Spray provides an invisible veil of pure luminous shine. The Moroccan Oil Shimmer spray is infused with Argan oil and UV filters to provide instant shine and protection against the elements.
Step Three Holding a small piece of the end of the braid taut, slide the rubber band up the braid to create a rough texture and huge volume to the hair.

Step Four Wrap the excess piece in to the braid and wind the entire braid around the base of the braid like you would wrap a bun. Repeat with the remaining two braids and pin into place.

Step Five Finish the look with a spritz of the 3 Way Hairspray by Michael O'Rourke. This is the flagship product in the “Michael O’Rourke” Styling Line.  This luxury hairspray incorporates breakthrough technology by utilizing an adjustable nozzle to deliver 3 spray strengths for 3 types of styling, a never before seen invention in the beauty industry.

Beauty Luver

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What does your makeup say about you?

Unfortunately we live in a world where people judge the book by the cover, I do not condone this stereotype, but you can't change the facts. People want to be friends with indivuals that have the same taste and style. Our mind is convincing us, this person has a bedazzled purse, and I have a bedazzled purse, so we like the same clothes, which means we probably like to do the same things. this is completely and utterly false.

In the world of Fashion, everything from the way we cut and style our hair, and the clothes we wear is a form of expression. We dress in a style, to project the type of person you are, or the type of person you want people to think you are.

Personally, my look doesn't project me in the way that I am, I like to think my look is a mixture of different set "styles". With my black eyeliner, dark eye makeup, unpainted lips, colorful nails, casual clothes I can give people a certain image depending on the day, and to be frank my mood. the dark makeup and eyeliner gives off an "emo" vibe, especially in the months I like to wear black nail polish. but do I think of myself as "emo" no, I do not. There is also the unpainted lips, and the fact I do not wear foundation, if you ask the "experts" they say the unpainted lips and face hints towards insecurities, or just not "caring" about my look. which isn't true, I do care about my looks, foundation makes me feel like I'm trying to cover myself up and I don't like the "i'm trying so hard" feeling it gives me, and the lack of lip colour, It's sticky and feels wierd when I eat breakfast. The bright colorful nail color sends of the picture that I'm young, and immature. Which I think we all have those moments, but picking the same nail colors as a kindergardner (which I do) does send off the wrong image (to guys), I know you ladies understand when I say the bright colors are fun, and make me feel like summer has arrived!

I'm comfortable with who I am, and what my style is. But, sometimes it does bug me when people get the wrong impression. So I've listed several makeup trends, and what it tells people about you!

Red Lips Women who paint their lips that bold shade of red, send off the image of extremely confident, super sexy and in control woman. According to studies, women who wear red lipstick have better careers. On an internet survey, over 3,000 women buy red lipstick because it gives them a sense of control and confidence, and make them feel more successful.

Mirabellia Lip Colour--Ruthless--Rich, high-pigment fashion shades go on smoothly and stay put with no bleeding. Available in 18 shades. Lead-free; Paraben-free.

Pink Lips Women who choose pink lip colour, especially light pink, send off the sweet, innocent, romantic image. It also indicates happiness, and a fantastic love life. Hence, we see alot of this color on wedding days!

Mirabellia Lip Colour--Vineyard--Rich, high-pigment fashion shades go on smoothly and stay put with no bleeding. Available in 18 shades. Lead-free; Paraben-free.

Bright Eye Shadow Women who rock those bright shades, give people the impression of having a flamboyant personality. People naturally think, the more severe the shade, the more bold the person.

GloEye Shadow--Ocean--These rich glominerals hues and timeless color favorites deliver crease-free coverage in a base loaded with antioxidants, perfect to highlight and contour any eye shape.

Smoky Eyes The smoky eye is the most classic, popular eye makeup look. Sooty eyes exude a sense of mystery and tons of sexiness. The eyes become the unmistakable focal point of the face, but in a very sultry, come-hither sort of way.

GloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit--Smoky eyes are always on trend and now a simple look to create. The gloMetallic smoky eye kit includes four essential colors for creating a sultry, metallic smoky eye in a sleek, mirrored compact and an easy five step application guide. Can be applied dry or wet to increase pigment; great if using as an eye liner.

Barely there Makeup Women who have a less-is-more attitude towards makeup are essentially self-confident and very comfortable in their own skin.You may be a makeup minimalist, but you're religious when it comes to skincare-- your glowing complexion speaks for itself!

Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser--Wake up call on the double! Dual-action foam cleanses and tones. Contains Murad's powerful Energizing Pomegranate Complex™, a vitalizing blend of artemia to help stimulate healthy cell function and pomegranate antioxidants to help defend skin.

Manicured Nails Perfectly manicured nails -- especially if yours are long and lacquered with colorful varnish -- are synonymous with a pretty leisurely life, as to keep up a look like this you can't use your hands much. Dark polishes are more high-maintenance than lighter shades since any chips will be more obvious.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Basics for All Skin Types

We've all been told that to achieve perfect, healthy skin that you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize on a nightly or weekly basis, depending on your routine. But, have you ever asked yourself the reason? Why should we also exfoliate, use a masque and a serum?

Why Exfoliate? Exfoliation is the key to vibrant skin. Hungarian estheticians have long known that regular exfoliation to remove the hard keratin layer build-up brings luminosity and clarity to the skin. For younger skin, exfoliation unplugs pores and keeps the skin clear and smooth. For mature skin, exfoliation is essential to help minimize fine lines, remove dry flakes and to revive sluggish skin.

Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant-daily use rice based dual action exfoliant for all skin types-
Gently buff and smooth your skin for a bright and radiant complexion with this mild daily use organic cleansing exfoliant from Eminence. Designed to activate when combined with water, oil absorbing rice powder along with lactic and salicylic acids remove dead skin cells and soften skin while antioxidant rich strawberries and rhubarb cleanse and tighten pores. Results oriented gentle enough for sensitive to mature skin types.

Why use Masques? Using a face masque once or twice per week will dramatically increase the elasticity and health of your skin. Eminence masques contain high amounts of concentrated vitamins and nutrient-rich ingredients. When used consistently, once or twice per week, masque applications allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin giving additional hydration and firming benefits. Treatment masques can be used to control acne, rosacea, dryness or oiliness.

Strawberry Rhubarb Masque-hydrating and replenishing masque for normal to dry skin types- Plump and replenish skin for a renewed youthful flush with juicy strawberried, calming rhubarb and restoring vegan friendly hyaluronic acid. Moisture is returned when these hydrating ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of your skin while the gentle exfoliation of salicylic acid found in refining strawberries ensures an overall refreshed appearance and beautiful sweet cheeks.

Why use Serums, Oils and Concentrates? Serums, oils and concentrates are beauty elixirs that infuse skin with pure vitamins and herbs. They are applied as the last step before moisturizing after your skin has been cleansed and toned. The light liposome of a serum and concentrated oil base of  luxurious oils ensure deep penetration into the skin to impart a healthy glow from within. The active ingredients plump and smooth skin to give it a youthful look. Serums, oils and concentrates are often a neglected step since their use is not clearly understood.

Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum-replenishing and hydrating serum for all skin types especially dehydrated- Reawaken your skin with the fountain of youth thanks to the restoring powers of vegan friendly hyaluronic acid and vitamin rich strawberries and rhubarb. Repairing and hydrating, this renewing serum will help skin bounce back to a fresh, youthful glow.