Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Style a Low Braided Updo

A current hair fad that we are seeing more and more of, is a braided updo. Both updos and braided hairstyles are very versatile, and by combining the two hairstyle creates something completely irresistable! This hairstyle can appear very sophisticated and innocent, and is a hairstyle that never goes unnoticed. So if you want a stylish boost, and want to flaunt your feminity and romantic side, a low braided updo is just the thing for you.

At first sight, a low braided updo seems like a very complicated, sophisticated mess. Suprisingly it doesn't require professional styling skills of techniques to achieve this look. I know, shocking right! All you need to do is spend a little time practicing your braiding skills, after that you will be able to create this chic look in no time! So if you're loving this look, and are ready to try it out for yourself grab some bobby pins and elastic hair bands and go crazy!

The great thing about the low braided updo hairstyle is that it can be created on all hair types,
though it looks best on sleek soft straight hair. Even if you don’t have long locks, you can use temporary hair extensions!

First Step To start styling a low braided updo, part your hair on the side. If you already have bangs, keep your hair parted as usual and start right from there. Start braiding your hair from one side of the head. Take parts of your hair and incorporate them into the braid, as you go towards the back part of your head in a descending pattern. This technique is known as French braiding, and it requires a little bit of practice before you’ll be able to get a flawless braid without getting frustrated.

Second Step Once you reach the other side of the head, keep braiding your hair to create a braided side swept ponytail. At the end, secure your pony with a hair elastic and pull the braids apart gently to get that romantic loose effect.

Third Step The last step is to hide the loose part under the hair by tucking it in and securing with bobby pins. Finish with a spritz of your favorite hairspray, and you are ready to venture out into the world with your chic new hair!

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