Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Perfect Updo when you say I Do

Now that it is May, it is officially wedding season! Whether you are the Bride, the Bridesmaid, or just a Guest it is still important to look your best. one sure thing about weddings, there will be a camera man lurking in a corner somewhere, and when he points that lense on you, you want to look your best. But, looking your best is not always cheap, and with all the hustle and bustle a wedding brings you might not have time to go to a salon to get that perfect updo.

Today, I will show you how you can recreate a classic pin-up hairstyle. Not only is it simple, but it looks amazing! and you only need three products!

Step One First thing you need to do is wash your hair! then while hair is still damp use the Curls Shape Activator by Alterna. A curl enhancing serum that delivers definition, shape and control while adding spring and bounce to curls. Using your hands crimp your hair, so that when it drys your hair is softly waved. If your hair is already naturally curl, this Activator will just help tame those curls, and prevent frizz. Once your hair is dry, move to the next step.

Step Two Divide the hair into three sections and messily braid each section. Secure the braids with a ponytail holder. The, spray each braid with the Gold Glimmer Shine Spray by Moroccan Oil. The Moroccan Oil Gold Shimmer Shine Spray provides an invisible veil of pure luminous shine. The Moroccan Oil Shimmer spray is infused with Argan oil and UV filters to provide instant shine and protection against the elements.
Step Three Holding a small piece of the end of the braid taut, slide the rubber band up the braid to create a rough texture and huge volume to the hair.

Step Four Wrap the excess piece in to the braid and wind the entire braid around the base of the braid like you would wrap a bun. Repeat with the remaining two braids and pin into place.

Step Five Finish the look with a spritz of the 3 Way Hairspray by Michael O'Rourke. This is the flagship product in the “Michael O’Rourke” Styling Line.  This luxury hairspray incorporates breakthrough technology by utilizing an adjustable nozzle to deliver 3 spray strengths for 3 types of styling, a never before seen invention in the beauty industry.

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