Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make-up trends for Spring!

As we celebrate the first, official day of spring it is now time to ditch those winter make-up and hair trends and make the switch to spring! "Spring-time" refers to the season and broadly to the ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth. these terms can be applied to our makeup! When I think of Spring, I think of sunshine, flowers in bloom and colors! Lots & Lots of colors! So say goodbye to sultry red lip shades, and dark smokey eyes. Spring is the time to embrace color like you've never embraced it before! Be Bold. Be Adventurous. Just like the meaning of "Spring-time" now is the time for rebirth, renewal and regrowth when it comes to your Fashion Sense.

Eye Colour--When it comes to Eye Shadow you want to use color! If your style clashes with pale pinks and soft lavenders you can still find ways to add that splash of color while still keeping those darker tones. For Example, use a bright colorful shade like the Haute Eye Colour by Mirabella. Apply the color closest to your lash line, for a bright colorful backdrop for your lashes. If you prefer darker shades when applying make-up you can use the Seduce Eye Colour by Mirabella as a highlighter, by brushing the color in the crease of your lid, right underneath the brow bone. so you combine dark versus bright. It is an excellenct way to take baby-steps into the world of color! If you are brave enough and you want that POP! Mirabella's Eye Colour is an alluring array of intense shimmer, sheen and matte pressed mineral eye shadow, available in 36 amazing colors.

Blush & Lips--When it comes to picking out Cheek of Lip Color  don't be afriad to be adventurous, now is the time where you can get away with bright lips, and pink cheeks! and thanks to GloMinerals with their Pucker Up & Blush you can get corrisponding Lip and Cheek Color. This Spring keep your lips looking luscious with GloMinerals Pucker Up & Blush Kit! Each kit is paired with a Gloss and a complementary Cream Colour for Cheeks & Lips to keep each kiss sweet and your cheeks blushing.

And if you are not into the matchy matchy look, with corresponding cheeks and lips, never fear! Mirabella Colour Sheer is a beautiful sheer lip color that you can wear all day and night. Mango butter base nourishes lips. Available in a wide range of fashionable shades.

whatever your style. your desire, or the colors you crave; Mission Beauty Salon & Spa has all the products you need to keep up with the Spring Trends.


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