Monday, March 19, 2012

Girl on Fire Hunger Games Inspired Look

The Hunger Games, has hit the Fashion World by storm! With the release of the movie, many people have been inspired to recreate hairstyles, clothes, and even make-up to recreate some of the drama the movie and the books inspire. The make-up artists from Mirabella have created this look, called Girl On Fire, it is inspired by a character from Hunger Games. And thanks to Mission Beauty Salon & Spa, you can get all the products you need to create this look!

Application Tips:

1. Begin by applying Prime for Face and Eyes to the face, to smooth the skin in preparation for make-up.
2. Apply Skin Tint Creme all over the face using the Foundation Brush. Use downward strokes to apply an even layer onto skin.
3. Apply Conceal to the eyelids, the under-eye area and to any skin imperfections using the Liner/Camouflage Brush.
4. Apply Kristique Eye Colour from the inner corner of the eye to approximately half way on the lower eyelide up to the crease with the Blending Brush. With the Crease Brush, apply Steele Eye Colour from the middle of the lower eyelide to the outer corner of the eye pressing into the skin for full saturation of color. Then apply Shade Eye Colour to the crease using the Small Crease Brush. Highlight the brow bone with Chenille Eye Colour. Blend Shade and Steel together using the Eye Blender Brush.
5. Line the top and bottom lash line with Smoke Eye Definer. Do not forget the bottom water line as well. Smudge Steel over the lower lash line with the Detail Brush.
6. Curl lashes and apply Lash Definition Primer, followed by two coats of Lash Essential Mascara. Add false lashes, for extra drama.
7. Fill in brows with the appropriate Eye Colour using the Angle Brow Brush.
8. Dust a light layer of Pure Press all over the skin using the Powder Brush.
9. Fill in lips with Hypnotic Lip Lustre Liner. Top with Caught-Red-Handed Lip Colour using the Covered Lip Brush.
10. Balance the face by applying the highlight shade of Pure Finish softly using the Blush Contour Brush.


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