Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Which Sex and the City Diva are you?

Channel your inner Sex and the City Diva with four different looks we created in tribute to Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha & Miranda using GloMinerals Make-Up. Whether you want to capture Charlotte’s Class, Miranda’s Attitude, Samantha’s Sultriness or Carrie’s Fashion sense. At Mission Beauty Salon & Spa we offer you the tools you need to accomplish these four different looks.

You cannot deny Carrie is the most fashion-addicted out of the group, from her addiction to shoes, to her addiction to clothes Carrie is always the Fashion Forward. To create a Carrie worthy look, you need to combine drama with a chic polish. For Carries Dramatic Smoky Eyes, I would recommend the GloSmoky Eye Kit by GloMinerals. Smoky eyes are always on trend, and now it's an easy look to create. The GloSmoky Eye Kit includes four essential colors for creating a sultry smoky eye in a sleek, mirrored compact. Just Five easy steps to guarantee the perfect Smokey Eye that is Carrie-worthy! Combine with the Papaya GloBlush, a highly pigmented, mineral powder blush. It’s soft, easy to apply formula glides over the cheeks for a flawless, ''just blushed'' look. Ideal for any occasion or skin color, GloBlush contains antioxidant vitamins and broad-spectrum sun protection, helping your cheeks to stay soft and beautiful. Bare is an ultra-light, barely-there shade. Plus it gives a nice Pop of color, that I believe would suite Carrie to a T. Need more color to your skin? Try the Sunkiss GloBronze by GloMinerals, A Seamless color enhancement with a hint of bronze shimmer. Dust bronzer on lightly to add color and contour or apply liberally to face and body for a no-consequence sun-tanned Glo. To complete Carrie’s look and add that Chic Polish use the Imperial Pink GloRoyal Lip Crayon, A crayon-inspired, chunky pencil that shades the lips with a moisture rich, long-lasting sheer gloss, and has the precision of a pencil.

Charlotte is undeniably the Romantic out of the four, always on the lookout for her happy ending; Charlotte is full of class, with a soft, romantic look. With Charlotte’s Classic Beauty, she never goes crazy with the eye make-up or lipstick but lightly plays up her natural beauty. GloLiquid Lips in Adore is just the shade that Charlotte would love, it’s soft and romantic. A high-shine, luxurious formulation for an ultra-moist look that lasts while rich nutrients condition and protect. GloLiquid lips are a true mineral makeup innovation proving high fashion can also be good for your lips. Charlotte loves precision, why would she want anything less in a liner? I think she’d love GloPrecision Eye Pencil in black/brown for perfectly defined eyes. An advanced mineral liner formulation that glides on like silk and never runs. Plus, this formulation is infused with antioxidants and is formulated for even the most sensitive eyes. GloMinerals GloPrecision eye pencils are available in ten velvety, water-resistant shades with an artist's blending point on the tip of each pencil. Charlotte has perfectly flawless dewy skin, GloSheer Tint Base in Golden Medium gives you just that, to make your skin Charlotte-worthy. Made with the GloMinerals signature blend of antioxidants, this product delicately covers flaws while providing skin with a sheer, healthy Glo. And to complete charlottes classic, romantic look add a little bit of blush to those cheeks with a shade that just screams Charlotte! GloCream Blush in Fig would blend beautifully on the apple of your cheeks.

Samantha is easily classified as the wild child of the bunch. She’s everything a sexy confident woman should aim to be. As the eldest in the group, she isn’t afraid to voice her wants, and embrace the young girl inside. Samantha is a vivaciously sensual woman that flaunts her sexuality without having to wear red lipstick or florescent colors. Samantha just accentuates her attributes, and what not better to accentuate than your eyes. Which you can now do with GloEye Shadow Trio by GloMinerals. If you’re like Samantha and you want those brown eyes to sparkle, highlight them with the Coffee GloEye Shadow Trio. A complete shadow application trio, complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades. Looking to make color combination selections in a hurry? GloEye Shadow Trio is all you need. Complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades, and this all-in-one eye shadow compact supplies you with a color coordinated palette for any occasion. Each color-rich trio is precisely matched to achieve timeless beauty with crease-free coverage and beautiful hues. Combine those three gorgeous colors with Aruba GloSheer Lipstick to give you that just kissed color, Samantha couldn’t help but approve of. The island-inspired GloSheer lip collection offers an ultra moisturizing formulation that delivers the perfect amount of color for the breezy summer months. Providing a subtle lip tint for a sexy summer pout, these colors ensure this product will be an instant classic. For a Romantic Pop of color just add the GloBlush in Rosebud that combines beautifully with Samantha’s look. Now one thing that Samantha is well known for is how well she takes care of her face and that rocking body. So don’t be afraid to try the GloBody Bronzer. Create an all over sun-kissed Glo with our GloBody bronzer. This luxurious lotion can be used on all skin types to create a subtle, immediate, all over tan or enhance your own natural tan while giving just a hint of beautiful shimmer.

Miranda has not only the brains and beauty; she’s got the attitude of a true New Yorker. Her bark is far worse than her bite, and despite appearances she a loyal friend, who let’s just say has no problem voicing her opinions. Miranda is all business, and doesn’t waste time with her look. She’s straight and to the point. Normally Miranda doesn’t sport makeup, but when she does its minimal and subtle. To channel the no-nonsense Miranda in you, I would recommend the GloMetallic Smoky Eye Kit. The GloMetallic smoky eye kit includes four essential colors for creating a sultry, metallic smoky eye in a sleek, mirrored compact and an easy five step application guide. Can be applied dry or wet to increase pigment; great if using as an eye liner. The GloMetallic Smoky Eye adds dimension and glamour to any look. Now I consider Miranda a no-eyeliner-kind-of-girl so I would recommend the Taupe GloPrecision Brow Pencil, to highlight Miranda’s Fair Features. Fast, natural-looking brow enhancement in a mineral base that fills in brows plus helps sculpt and shape. Each brow pencil has a versatile sculpting brush on the end for 2-in-1 shaping and blending. Miranda is very fair, with creamy white skin so we need add a little bit of color with Terra Cotta GloBlush Duo. GloMinerals blush duos are the ultimate in convenience and customization. Giving you endless options whether it is a subtle daytime Glo, well-defined cheekbones or anywhere in between, GloBlush duos will help you achieve your desired look. And to complete Miranda’s look swipe on some of The Mint Balm! Protect lips with full spectrum SPF 15 while nurturing botanicals of hemp seed oil, meadow foam and mango seed butter soothe and heal.

Whether you want to channel Charlotte’s Class, Miranda’s Attitude, Samantha’s Sultriness or Carrie’s Fashion sense. At Mission Beauty Salon & Spa we offer you the tools you need to accomplish these four different looks, to find your inner Sex and the City Diva!


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