Thursday, February 9, 2012

What does your Lipstick say about you?

If you want to know a woman's personality, then read her lips. A study has found that all those cliches about lipstick colour really do hold true. Researching this topic, suprisingly I foundthat you're lipstick can actually say alot, and not just This color means I'm sexy, and this color means I'm boring. It even gets down to the shape of your Lipstick, and what it says about you! Scary Right?! Good thing I'm a lipgloss-kind-of-girl! But for all you lovely ladies out there that swipe on your favorite shades daily, you might want to read on and see what your lipstick says about you.

Studies have found that woman who paint their lips bright, fire engine red are more self-confidant than the average woman, or that they are trying to appear that way. It also goes on the say that women who sport the brightest shades are more likely to have better career prospects than women who wear less striking shades. Woman who wear dark shades, are wanting to feel sexy and sensuous. Dark Lipstick is for a woman that is very dominant, and unafraid of the world. these women tend to be very driven, and confidant and have goals for themselves.

Pale Pink shades is a romantic color, and very girly. the woment that wear this shade are very happy, and have an amazing love life, and partner! This look is either for the happily married woman, or young girls that are happy with their lives, and looking for love. Bare Lips, on the other hand, signal that a women is lacking confidence and feeling less attractive. It's funny really how you never notice, how you feel on days your lips are like a blank canvas, and days where you decide to slick on some lipstick, or gloss.

Seven out of ten of the 3,000 women polled said they usually chose their lipstick to match the way they were feeling. But almost three quarters also said that using a different colour could actually help change their mood. A spokesman for online make-up store VIE at home, which carried out the research, said:      "The findings show just how much influence the colour women put on their lips can have, by applying red lipstick women instantly feel more confident, sexy and in control – which could be why the women who wear the shade are more likely to succeed in their career."

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