Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Married Soon?

As we say goodbye to winter, and hello sping. There is more in the air then just Sunshine...Wedding Season. To my fellow Brides-to-be we are in the countdown stage for our spring-summer weddings. And I'm sure you've learned by now planning a wedding is hard work, especially since it's on a pedistal for being the happiest day of your entire life! With picking the flowers, cake, and the dress all us brides really want on our special day is to look and feel amazing!

Choosing a makeup look to highlight your best features on a day-to-day basis is tricky enough, and finding a makeup look for your wedding day is downright intimidating. And we all want to avoid the horror of a bad wedding photo, that you're stuck with for the rest of your life. Luckily, you came to Misson Beauty Salon & Spa's Blog...and yours truly! Where we have all the tools you'll need to guarentee you look beautiful on your special day.

But First there are many questions you must ask yourself when considering your look: What time of the year will you be getting married? Where do you plan on getting married? What look goes best with me? Have no fear ladies! I've listed 4 Gorgeous Wedding Looks to help you answer all these questions! And because you love me...I've even listed the products you'll need to create each look!

Smoky Eyes A Good rule of thumb with the classic-never-failing Smoky Eye Look is if you're playing up your eyes, keep your cheeks and lips toned down with nuetral colors. The Smoky Eye is amazing because it makes your eyes POP, and you don't want bright blush and vibrant lips to take away the breath-taking effect.

Now the common mistake with the Smoky Eye, is that people more often then not mistake the Smoky Eye Look as black or dark eye makeup smudged around the eye. "Smoky" is a term describing the method in which the Eye Shadow is placed. And the great thing is, you can create a Smoky Eye with any color. The look consists of usually 3-4 different colored eyeshadows that are blended together to give a smoked out illusion around your eyes. Giving your eyes a dramatic flair, perfect for those brides who want that look-at-me effect.

A great Eyeshadow to use to create this look is the Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow Quad, by Youngblood. These incredibly buttery Eyeshadows are combined with Youngblood's best sellers and fresh new shades to creat perfect quad palettes. This special formulation includes rice powder for a long wear. Loaded with high pigments, use these quads to create interplays of complementary colors to bring out your eyes. What I really love about this eyeshadow quad is that Youngblood offers it in 8 stunning combinations, which works if you want the classic smoky eye with greys and white, or if you want a smoky eye with some splash of color. Available in Gemstones, Eternity, Timeless, Shanghai Nights, Purple Majesty, Mermaid, Vintage & Starlet.

Combine your Smoky Eyes with softly colored cheeks, think light pinks and soft peaches. For a soft, barely there blush use the GloCream Blush by GloMinerals. Get an instant glo with our GloCream Blush. Offers a rich, creamy formulation to give a soft, natural flush of color. Apply this high pigment color to cheeks using the cream blush brush for an instant, natural glo. Whether your want Pink or Peach tones, Fig and Guava are the perfect shades for that soft, subtle effect you're going for.

Finish the look with barely-there lips. Nude Lips go perfect with this look, it really brings out the slight flush to your cheeks, and makes your eyes positively sparkle. Just slather on some Erin PureMoist Lip Colour by Jane Iredale and you're ready to shine! While this look can work anytime of the year, evening weddings or very formal occasions are the best fit and the look can be adjusted to fit your specific features and complexion.

Bahama Mama  Bronzed, glowing healthy skin and alluring eyes is what makes this look work. A cream or liquid bronzer combined with the right foundation to give you that beautiful wedding glow. This look is wonderful for late spring, and early summer outdoor wedding. this look is not as flashy as the Smoky Eye, but it still is stunning with dewy, naturally radiant skin. A good rule of thumb, when combining bronzer, foundation, and a highlighting product it is always good to use the same brand, because they are formulated to intermix well together.

First apply a highlighting product lightly on the face where the sun would naturally hit. For Example the sides of your forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose and the tip of your chin. It gives your face an automatic lift, and added slimness. A great highlighter is the Illuminating Serum, by ColoreScience. Give your skin a healthy, luminous base with the Illuminating Serum in bronze or champagne kiss. This radiance-boosting formula is rich in patented-peptides, powerful, antioxidants and hydrating hyrulonic acid. To give you that perfect Wedding Glow.

Next apply your foundation. Since you are combining it with a cream or liquid bronzer, stick to a pressed mineral foundation. A good one to use, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding is the Pressed Mineral Pigment Compact, by ColoreScience. Pressed Mineral Foundation provides light to full coverage with a weightless, non drying feeling on the skin. It gives the appearance of perfection without the thick look of traditional pressed powder.  These pure pigments are designed to glide on smoothly for the perfect colore, available in 12 amazing shades.

And to really capture the essence of the Wedding Glow you finish off with a Bronzer. Luckily ColoreScience has many products that can be used as a bronzer. Much more than just a self-tanner, the Bronzer Brush SPF20 can be used for contouring and highlighting, adding richness and warmth to your complexion. It let’s you layer and blend your colore so you can achieve a weightless, healthy-looking glow every time.To add a little spice to this look, a light lip color in bronze, apricot, caramel and toffee can be mixed with  gold, brown and bronze eyeshadows to give an exotic yet refreshed look. June through August is the best time of year to try this look, especially for a beach or outdoor wedding.

Autumn Sun The purpose of this look, is color. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, with bold splashes of color rich, jewel colored tones are used in this look. Make your eyes come alive with shades of sapphire, emerald, onyx or plum. The great part of this look is that incorporated with soft neutrals to make a bold statement with your eyes. The hard part of this look, is to pick the right color combination. GloEye Shadow Trio by GloMinerals is all you need. Complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades, this all-in-one eye shadow compact supplies you with a color coordinated palette for any occasion. Each color-rich trio is precisely matched to achieve timeless beauty with crease-free coverage and beautiful hues. Mulberry and Amethyst really use Fall Colors as Inspiration.

Using such bold colors to highlight and contour your eyes, make it very critical on your choice of lip colour and cheek tint. choosing to dark, or bright of a shade with create a color limbo on your face. to let those bold colors shine, Lips and cheeks are given a soft focus “flushed” look with lip stains and cheek tints. to make your color selection easy, use the Yumberry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain by Stila. Used as a sheer blush, or a lip tint and packaged in Stila's iconic clickable pen, this revolutionary formula is easy to build and blend. The best part? Like all of our Crushes, Yumberry Crush reacts to your personal pH to give you a beautiful, fresh-faced flush in your perfect shade of pink.

Snow White we've all read the Walt Disney Fairy Tale, of Snow White...A young girl who is pure of heart, and known as the fairest in all of the land. what better inspiration for your special day? When we think of snow white, we think dark hair, white creamy skin and burgundy lips. Personally for my wedding I would use this look, since I am fair-skinned with dark-hair-and-eyes. When you are blessed with this coloring you want to play off it in the best way. Your goal for this look is to use your makeup in a certain way to make your skin, and hair stand out. Unlike our other looks where we highlighted the eyes, and downplayed the cheeks-and-lips, This is where more intense lips and cheeks are brought to focus by using reds, wines, burgundies or merlot colors. These colors will make your fair, creamy skin stand out!

A perfect color that just screams Snow White is the Rapture Lip Fixation by Jane Iredale. Get double-beauty duty with two products in one. Each Lip Fixation™ boasts a lip stain and lip gloss in complimentary colors. Packed with botanicals, the stain actually soothes and pampers lips for comfortable, buildable coverage without feathering or drying. If you’re ready to commit to saturated, picture perfect color, cozy up to these irresistible shades.

The eyes are keep soft and neutral, and defined by the use of black or dark brown eyeliner. Unlike the other looks, the use of eyeshadow in this look is not to highlight with the use of colour, but to ude neutral tones to contour and add shape to the eyes. two colors, that achieve this goal, is Twig and Diamond GloEye Shadow by GloMinerals. These rich glominerals hues and timeless color favorites deliver crease-free coverage in a base loaded with antioxidants, perfect to highlight and contour any eye shape. Use Diamond close to the lash line, and use Twig to contour your eyes my swiping right underneath the brow bone. The subtle eye colour creates a “wide eyed” look of freshness, while the flushed cheeks and berry stained lips give a look of almost utter innocence, but the eyes are defined, giving a sensual yet demure air about you.

Hopefully we were able to inspire a beauty look that you were unsure of or never even though to try. The best thing about makeup is that it’s not permanent! At Mission Beauty Salon & Spa we have all the Tips & Tricks to making you beautiful on your special day! Try out a look or two and see which one speaks to you.


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