Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shadows for your Eye Color!

As they say, the eyes are the window of the soul, so highlight your eyes if they are your best feature. The trick is to match your shadow to your complexion, not your clothes. Certain shadows, work for you and against you depending on your eye color. A great make up line I would recommend would be Mirabella. Mirabella makes an alluring array of intense shimmer, sheen and matte pressed mineral eye shadows. Available in 36 shades. Below I've listed my recommendations based on your eye color.
Blue: To make those baby blues shine, wear brown, plum, gold, peach or grey colour eye shadow.
I personally love Mirabella Eye Colour, because of there great colors, and they have the perfect amount of shimmer, that highlight your eyes. If you want to make those baby blues stand out I would suggest Semiformal, Vintage, Decor, Guava & Steel Eye Colour by Mirabella.
Green/Hazel: to make green or golden eyes stand out, combine it with a deep purple eye colour.
For Hazel or Green eye colors, I recommend Cultured or Hydrangea Eye Colour by Mirabella. They are both shades of purple, Cultured is a deep purple, while Hydrangea is a lighter shade of Lavender.
Brown: Brown eyes are more difficult to match with depending on your complexion, but you can never go wrong with green or bronze eye colour.
Personally I have brown eyes, and I hate the fact that anytime I pick a color I don't like the way they make my eyes look. But after trying some of Mirabella's Eye Colour on, I do agree that for brown eyes you definitely can't go wrong with green or bronze. I Definitely think you ladies out there with brown eyes like me should try the Fortune, Sweet Pea, and Bitter Honey Eye Colour by Mirabella.
I know just reading about a color or a product isn't the same as seeing it, so if you want the proof just go to and Search for Mirabella's Eye Colour, where you can see the colors I recommend!

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