Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Perfect Loose Bun!

In a world where time is money, a girl's gotta learn all the tricks, and short-cuts to look fabulous in record time! Whether you are a full time student, or working a full-time job we all would do just about anything to cut morning primping time in half! The perfect hairstyle that can work in casual and not-so-casual environments is a messy bun. Chic-And-Easy you can do this hairstyle in a snap by following these simple steps:

Step One Apply a healthy amount of straightening hair to barely damp towel dried hair. The Smooth Hair Straightener by Tri is the perfect product. This amazing product works as a Straightening Creme for Smooth, Sleek Looks! Take control over curl and frizz. This temporary straightening creme relaxes curl and adds a smooth silky feel with a reflective shine. Use your fingers to evenly distribute product evenly from roots to tips.

Step Two Using a blow dryer, blow-dry 4 inch sections of hair with a paddle brush. making your hair straight and smooth.

Step Three Pull your hair into a loose ponytail at the crown of your hair with a clear elastic band. Twist and wrap your hair into a messy bun, tucking strands into the elastic band, leaving hair loose.

Step Four By running your fingers through the front of her hair, loosen strands from the elastic, adding texture to your hair. Slide a hair band two inches from your hairline.

Step Five Slide a second hairband three inches behind the first one, creating a chic wave. finally spray your entire head with hairspray holding the can eight inches away to secure your new hairstyle. Searching for the ultimate hair styling aid? One product to replace the five it's taking you to create your current look? You've been looking for Aerogel by Tri. It's a hair spray in a gel base. It works as a fixative, gel spray and root lifter all in one. Aerogel turns every design idea into natural looking reality!


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