Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Look more Bronze for Spring.

As we start the beginning of March, the closer we come to Spring Time. This is the time of year, where the sun starts to peak out and flowers hint towards blooming. In the world of Fashion and Beauty, we ditch winter's dark colors and start to embrace bright hues that make you think that Spring has arrived. But, it's still to early in the year to get a good tan. Lucky for us, a bronzed makeup look gives the perfect illusion of tan, glowing skin.

Step One To create the perfect bronzed look, it is more than just adding a bronzer to your routine. First you need to moisturize and cleanse your skin, to make your skin appear healthy and fresh. First cleanse your face with the Sweet Red Rose Cleanser by Eminence. A delicious light cleansing milk with the fresh juices of fragrant roses and maize germ oil. A bouquet of roses for your skin! In one step, thoroughly cleanse your eye and face area, as well as hydrate and vitalize your complexion. Next you want to apply the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer, also by Eminence. Sweet red rose petals moisturize and rejuvenate, minimize fine lines and make the skin velvety, smooth and hydrated. Created with fragrant sweet red rose petals, pectin and lemon juice. After you moisturize and cleanse your skin, you want to then apply your face makeup.

Step Two First apply a concealer on your eye area, and on any dark spots that appear on your skin. A good concealer to try is the Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer by Jane Iredale. An eye treatment as well as a concealer containing conditioners such as jojoba esters and avocado oil, both high in vitamins A, C, D and E. Contains green tea extract, a potent antioxidant. Next with a sponge, apply a liquid bronzer over your skin. To Create the perfect bronzed look, avoid using fake tanning products. Create an all over sun-kissed glow with the GloBody Bronzer by GloMinerals. This luxurious lotion can be used on all skin types to create a subtle, immediate, all over tan or enhance your own natural tan while giving just a hint of beautiful shimmer.

Step Three Next you want to apply your eye makeup. for this look you are going to want to stick to bronze or natural colors. before you apply eyeliner, use the Mulberry GloEye Shadow Trio by GloMinerals. A complete shadow application trio, complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades. Complete with contour, highlighter and liner shades, this all-in-one eye shadow compact supplies you with a color coordinated palette for any occasion. Each color-rich trio is precisely matched to achieve timeless beauty with crease-free coverage and beautiful hues.

Step Four Your final step to complete this Amazing Bronzed Look for Spring, is to apply a nude, or bronze color to your lips. I would recommend the Juicy Lip Crayon by Jane Iredale; A creamy, mineral-based crayon for enhancing the shape and color of the lips. Top the color with a coat of clear Lip Gloss to give your lips a iridescent, dewy look.


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