Thursday, March 22, 2012

Color Blocking Your Make-up

A really popular trend that tends to pop out in the Spring and Summer months, is Color Blocking. It first made it's appearance on Spring 2011 runways. Color Blocking is strategically placed, contrasting, yet complimentary, bold and bright colors paired together to create a unique look. To fully grasp the full, bold color effect you match choose three different colors to play with. Not sure what colors blend well with eachother? Try using the rule of two-thirds theory. What's the rule of two-thirds theory? According to the theory, start by making a triangle on a color wheel. Then, you can pick the three colors that the points of the triangle touch. These colors almost always look beautiful together! All though, we mainly see Color Blocking in the form of Fashion and Clothing. It can still be used in other ways. What ways? You might ask yourself. Simple. Your makeup.

When applying makeup we normally use between two to three shades of eyeshadow when blending and contouring our eyes. By using the Color Blocking technique as inspiration you can play with any part of your makeup regime to add bold splashes of bright, fun colors that work for Spring and Summer!

Still not getting it? Well Today we are going to show you how to create the look from the above picture! now this color combination was obviously inspired by a peacock feather, combining gold, blue and green.

The first step, is picking what eyeshadows to use! GloMinerals is an amazing make-up line that offers a wide range of products from eyeshadows to lipsticks. The GloEye Shadow by GloMinerals, offers shadows in rich hues and timeless color to deliver crease-free coverage in a base loaded with antioxidants, perfect to highlight and contour any eye shape. To re-create this Peacock Feather Color Block Look, you are going to want to use the Twinkle, Rain Forest and Ocean GloEye Shadows.

Using the Eye Base Brush by GloMinerals, brush on the Twinkle GloEye Shadow along the inner corners, and lid of your eye. Using the Angled Eye Brush, apply the Rain Forest GloEye Shadow over the middle part of your lid. Also, using the same tool, brush the Rain Forest along your lower lash line. Using the Eye Contour Brush, apply Ocean in the crease of your eyelide, brushing right under your brow bone. Use the brush to perfectly blend the bright blue so that you can see the your eyeshadows fade from gold-green-blue for a perfect replica of a Peacock feather.

Next, apply an eyeliner along your top lid only, staying close to the lash line. The GloCream Eye Liner in Ebony would be the perfect choice! Luxurious cream pigments enable easy precision lining at the lash line. glominerals GloCream Eye Liners can also be smudged for a smoky look. Apply on a few coats, of GloLash Lengthening Mascara is formulated to deliver nutrients and help the lashes to grow to their potential.

Complete the Look, by swiping on the Imperial Pink GloRoyal Lip Crayon by GloMinerals. A crayon-inspired, chunky pencil that shades the lips with a moisture rich, long-lasting sheer gloss, and has the precision of a pencil. These sharpen-able crayons are available in five gorgeous shades. If GloMinerals is not the makeup for you, Check out Mission Beauty Salon & Spa to see what other greta maekup lines we provide!

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