Friday, February 24, 2012

How to use makeup brushes for beginners

Since I’ve first started using makeup, I’ve always applied products with whatever applicator came with it. For example, I use the sponges that come with my foundation, and mini brushes that come with my eye shadows. Which when you think about it, isn’t really hygienic. But the beauty world is constantly changing and growing, and one concept that has definitely changed is makeup brushes. The great thing about using makeup brushes is the quality of your application is drastic. I can admit I was very intimidated to make the switch from simple application tools, to hi-quality brushes. A lot of people don’t make the switch because of the price difference. But purchasing high quality brushes are the best investment you can make. And you will see the difference in your application of makeup, and you’ll feel better knowing that your tools are more hygienic.

For those of you that are beginners to the world of makeup brushes it can be complicated, when you look online or go into a store there are dozens of different brushes, with different uses and it can get confusing in the sense of which brush to use. Below I’ve listed the 5 Key Brushes that you need when applying makeup:

Powder Brush—the powder brush is the most important, because it is the one you apply your foundation with. This is normally the first thing you do when applying makeup. A good quality brush to use is the Mirabella Powder Brush; a fluffy domed shape brush, made with Bai Jiang Feng Goat Hair. It's ideal for loose or pressed powder application. The Powder Brush dusts just the right amount of powder on skin for a translucent, even and polished application.

Blush Brush—the blush brush is meant to be used as a highlighter for face makeup. Meaning you use this brush when applying your blush or illuminating makeup. It’s made to easily apply product to the angles in your face, where as the powder brush is to large. Mirabella’s Blush Brush is perfect for applying blushs. Its Ideal tapered brush is sized for a natural application of Cheek Colour. Made of Bai Jiang Feng Goat Hair, its firmer texture picks up just the right amount of powder without streaking.

Eyeshadow Brush—When shopping for brushes you have to be careful, there are many different types of shadow brushes; for contouring, blending, even ones that are combination brushes that work for eyeliners and eyeshadows. The Blending Brush by Mirabella is a French style flat shadow blending brush; Made with soft virgin pony hair it works well for all types of shadow application, laying down colour evenly and easily.

Eyeliner Brush—Just like when you are shopping for an Eyeshadow brush, when looking at eyeliner brushes you have to find the one best suited for your needs, especially for the type of eyeliner you like to wear. The Detail Brush by Mirabella made with virgin pony hair, is cut to the perfect taper that allows it to work for any application that requires detail. It’s perfect for eyeliners, and even works with powder eyeshadows.

Lip Brush—When picking out a lip brush it’s best to get one that comes in a container with a cap, you don’t want the brush you use on your mouth to just be laying around where germs can get on it. This is why the Covered Lip Brush by Mirabella is perfect for applying lipsticks, stains and even lip glosses. This covered sable lip brush is elegantly tapered for precise application of lip products. Its cover makes this brush ideal for travel and carrying in purse so that wherever you are, you have the tools you need for that constant lip coverage you desire.

What’s also really good about using professional makeup brushes, is that you can clean them. Use Clean for Brushes by Mirabella this brush is ideal for quick cleaning. Not only does it condition to remove static from brushes, it also maintains the quality of the hair on your brushes, to ensure that perfect application you will fall in love with! No matter if you prefer to wear complex makeup, or even lightly applied makeup; these five brushes are all that you need to apply your makeup with precision and accuracy.


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