Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Color of January 2012

As women we all know everything comes down to color, the shade of your lipstick to your shade of nail polish. Colors are constantly changing when it comes to what’s Hot and what’s Not. For all of you Girly-Girls like me this months color will have you blushing! Pink Champagne is the Perfect Color this month, it goes perfect with any occasion whether you are having a lavish wedding, or a birthday party. Pink is the color of woman!

The Great thing about pink is that it can either be wild, or proper which allows pink to be used in any occasion. Pink is a womanly, warm, and sultry look that gives you a classic polish to any look. Pink instantly lifts and brightens skin tones, making it easy to make your look subtle or make a feature stand out.

Pink for the Eyes:

A sweep of soft pink shadow over the eyelids gives skin a dose of healthy, well-rested color. For a more defined look, line the lashes with a dark pencil. The eyeliner will give this ultra-feminine color a little edge.

Tip: Plus, if your eyes tend to get red, the darker pencil will prevent the pink from picking up any of that redness.

A great pink shadow that goes with this month’s color is the Sorbet Eye Colour by Mirabella. The Sorbet Eye Colour is an alluring array of intense shimmer, sheen and matte pressed mineral shadow.

Pink for the Cheeks:

Everyone has a little rosiness in their skin, so brushing on a pink blush looks more natural than wearing earth tones that we naturally gravitate to. In general, if your skin is light, the lighter your makeup shades should be, but with pink blush, even a brighter fuschia delivers beautiful color to your cheekbones.

If you want to create beautiful, flushed cheeks; the Cotton Candy Purepressed Blush by Jane Iredale is the right choice. With colors so subtle and natural you’ll look like you’re glowing from the inside out!

Pink for the Lips:

A pink, painted lip can really “freshen” your look, and the color options are endless. The color you choose for your lips create a statement. If you want a bright look that really shows your fireball personality, hot pink lipstick or matte stains are for you. If you prefer a look that is more subtle, powdery pinks combined with stronger eye makeup is the look for you.

A product I personally love is the Muse Colour Shine by Mirabella! It’s an Ultra-shine lip gloss in a wide range of beautifully bright shades. Infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and peppermint leaves lips hydrated and refreshed.

All these great products I've mentioned can be found at Mission Beauty Salon & Spa!


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